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New English Language Book on Icaria Available - 01/01/1970


Dear Fellow Icarians,
Recently, I co-authored an English language book on Icaria, entitled The Icarian Voyage. The book deals with many of the cultural treasures of our island, such as the Icarian Dance, Pramnian Wine, and the story behind the myth of Icarus ( guaranteed to be a surprise).

It also examines the impact of our historic island on far-off places around the world, like Spain and the central United States.  For instance, did you know that the site of the Olympic Village of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics is called Icaria Nova!?  There are even descendents of mainly French immigrants in the midwestern United States who call themselves Icarians.  Their leader, Etienne Cabet, wrote the book Voyage en Icarie (Travels in Icaria), and subsequently set up communal settlements called Icarias.

If any of this attracts your interest, you might think at taking a look at the book The Icarian Voyage.  I've attached a one page summary along with this e-mail to wet your appetite just a bit. 

Individual copies of the work are available for $15.  There is a discount price for larger orders.  You can place an order by getting in contact with me via e-mail or by phone.  I'll be glad to answer any of your questions. 

Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!

Christopher Tripoulas
37-21 93 Street
Jackson Heights, NY  11372
(718) 335-9718 - home
(646) 322-5251 - mobile


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