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05 of May: Kampos
21 of May: Avlaki
June:  Droutsoulas
01 of July: Karavostamo
17 of July: Arethousa
20 of July: Kosikia, Pigi
26 of July: Petropouli, Karavostamo
27 of July: Fidos (Avlaki)
August: Evdilos, Maganitis
6 of August: Frantato, Dafni
10 of August: Steli
15 of August: Akamatra, Karavostamo
27 of August: Maratho


7 of January: Proespera
 10 of February: Kalamos
23 of February: Agios Polykarpos
25 of March: Mavrianou
23 of April: Amalou
14 of May: Agios Isidoros
May: Armenistis, Kastanies (Tragostasi)
June: Trapalou
24 of June: Agios Ioanis (Christos Rachon)
30 of June: Pezi
1 of July: Madria
20 of July: Kares, Profiti Ilia, Vrakades
26 of July: Karkinagri
27 of July: Agios Panteleimonas
6 of August: Kalamos, Christos Rachon
15 of August: Gialiskari, Kouniadoi, Lagada
27 of August: Madria
August: Vrakades, Agios Dimitrios
29 of August: Proespera
26 of October: Agios Dimitrios

Agios Kirikos

1 of July: Therma
7 of July: Agia Kiriaki (Faros)
15 of July: Agios Kirikos
17 of July: Agia Marina (Agios Kirikos)
20 of July: Profitis Ilias (Glaredo, Miliopo)
26 of July: Agia Paraskevi, Xilosyrti, Perdiki
27 of July: Agios Panteleimonas
6 of August: Christos, Oxe
15 of August: Chrysostomos, Panagia, Perdiki, Monokampi
27 of August: Agios Fanourios, Agios Panteleimonas
29 of August: Mavrato
8 of September: Plagia
17 of September: Agia Sofia (Monokampi)

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