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EvdilosEvdilos is a town in the northern part of Icaria, 40 km northwest of Agios Kirykos in the Eastern Aegean Sea.
It is a new seaside settlement built after 1830 when piracy was completely stamped out on the island.
Evdilos was the first capital of the island. Its name means visible and freely rendered open horizon.
Today it is the second port and the center of northern, central, and western Ikaria. Together with other settlements form the community of Evdilos and number about 2,400 permanent inhabitants.
The picturesque small port and the pier with the old mansions and narrow roads, the paved steps, and the traditional and modern houses ornamented with many flowers forms an architecturally interesting village which reveals the artistic feeling of the inhabitants and the love for their land.
Evdilos may be the most traditional settlement of Ikaria architecturally. Evdilos is also an ideal base for wonderful excursions into the Ikarian countryside.There is also a fine beach located just outside of Evdilos.


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